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Prof Dr. Arif Satria

Dr Arif Satria is the Rector of Institute Pertanian Bogor (IPB), or IPB University. He is a lecturer of FEMA IPB since 2010, after previously serving as a lecturer in the Department of Fisheries Social Economics. He also is an adviser to the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries in 2012. Dr. Arif has been actively involved in drafting of marine and fishery policies since 2002, including the Fisheries Law 31/2004, the Revision of the Law on the Management of Coastal Areas and Small Islands, the Preparation of the Blue Economic Concept as well as a number of Government and Ministerial Regulations. 

Ms Anja Juliah Abu Bakar

Patron at Malaysia Inclusive Entrepreneur Association; Former President at Chamber of Social Entrepreneur Development (CSED) Malaysia (2020-2022) a non-profit organization that was set up to improve the Social Entrepreneurship ecosystem in Malaysia 

Founder at Sisterhood Alliance, an NGO which advocates social changes by empowering young girls with life skills. 

Founder of Athena Holdings Sdn Bhd (formally known as Blubear Holdings Sdn Bhd) a social enterprise that empowers girls and gives them access to education through reusable sanitary pads.

Social Impact Consultant and Sustainability Director at Starlight Navigate Consulting, a boutique consulting, learning, and development firm dedicated to helping organizations, agencies, NGOs, and social enterprises to create positive change in society

Passionate in educating the community on the importance of social missions and social enterprise businesses.

She is a mentor for social entrepreneurs and an SDG advocate.

As a social entrepreneur, Anja was listed as Malaysia's Top 10 Female Social Entrepreneurs in 2016; represented Malaysia at the Social Enterprise Forum 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden; a recipient of STAR Malaysia Golden Heart Awards in 2017 and was invited to the White House in Washington DC in 2019 for her work in women economics empowerment by Ms. Ivanka Trump, Advisor to the President of the United State of America. 

Mr Thomas Mathew

Thomas brings with him more than 30 years of experience in corporate management, business  strategy, and risk management. He began his career as a banker, holding management  positions in the corporate and commercial banking divisions of several local commercial banks,  from where he joined Pengurusan Danaharta Nasional Berhad (Danaharta), Malaysia's asset  management company in 1998. He was initially involved in loan restructuring and thereafter  headed its risk management unit, prior to its successful closure in 2005.

Thomas then joined the MBf Holdings group of companies, initially as its Chief Operating  Officer and thereafter as its President. Thomas then assumed the role of Group Finance  Director at Ben Holdings group in Sri Lanka, an established retail, media and theatre group,  where he oversaw all aspects of Finance, Treasury, Legal, Human Resources, Risk Management,  Audit, and IT.

Thomas holds a Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness from Universiti Putra Malaysia.

Mr Robert Tu

Robert holds a Bachelor Degree in IT from Charles Sturt University, Australia. He started as an IT executive for his first job. After 1 year of being employed, he turned himself into an insurance agent as well as a Unit Trust Consultant. Up to today, he has more than 19 years of financial advisory experience, holding Full Licensed Financial Planner by Bank Negara Malaysia, Securities Commission as well as FIMM. His decision to upgrade from a typical agent to a LFP is primarily because he desires to provide unbiased solutions to his clients 

His forte is assisting individuals in taking charge of their financial situation by making the right financial decisions. Along his 19 years in this career, he has helped more than 500 young families as well as 2000 individuals to achieve their financial independence & time freedom. He also achieved numerous award from Malaysia's Largest Financial Planning Firm (VKA). To name a few, Top PRS Award, Master Producer, Financial Planning Award, Million Investment Club Award, Will/Wasiat Writing Award etc.

Ms Nurfarini Daing 

Nurfarini Daing is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at myHarapan, a foundation dedicated to developing independent and wholesome youth by empowering them with both choice and opportunities. myHarapan or the Youth Trust Foundation was established in August 2010 and has since then engaged over 26,000 Malaysian youth and funded over 140 social initiatives. She’s also on the Board of Foodabox Sdn Bhd, a myHarapan investee company and Good for Business, the Foundation’s Impact Fund Venture Company. She is also the founding member of the Malaysian Yunus Social Business Network.

The Youth Trust foundation is a social entrepreneurship advocate and uses it as its compass. myHarapan also won the bid to co-organize the Global Social Business Summit in 2013, the brainchild of Prof. Muhammad Yunus and his creative director, Hans Reitz. Apart from that, myHarapan has also launched their Social Venture/Business Fund to provide access to funding for start-up Social Businesses and Entrepreneurs in Malaysia. 

Dr. Fong Chng Saun

Dr FONG Chng Saun is currently a senior lecturer at the Institute for Advanced Studies, Universiti Malaya. He obtained his Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science and Technology from University Putra Malaysia (in 2016). With his excellent academic achievements, he was offered to pursue his doctoral degree at Universiti Malaya. He obtained his PhD in Environmental Science (Urban Ecosystem Management) in the year 2021.

Dr Fong's research interest is in urban ecosystem management with a strong focus on urban heat islands in tropical cities. He is one of the finalists of the first Young Scientists Network-Academy of Sciences Malaysia (YSN-ASM) Chrysalis Award in 2020. He was also listed as the top 100 Scientists of Malaysia in the same year. His core expertise is in environmental science and technology and has centred his research interest in tropical urban heat islands, sustainable development, and other atmospheric-related research such as air pollution monitoring and health impacts.

His expertise also extends to related fields such as continuous monitoring of the environment using automated weather stations and IoT systems; outdoor thermal comfort assessment; heat stress and heat-related illnesses (exposure, risk & health impact); 3D urban microclimate modelling and simulation (impact assessment from urbanization & heat mitigation); air quality (particulate matters PM10 & PM2.5, CO2, SoxNox, PAHs, VOCs); Geographic Information System (GIS); environmental pollution assessment; and, climate resilience & adaptation.